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ECO LINE by decorado

ECO Line Leave
  • careful handling of raw materials
  • energy saving production
  • small packing and transport volume
  • long useful life
  • easy recycling

Sustainability is getting more and more important. In the meantime, many companies refer to ecological approach. But ecology is by far more than a fancy green label. It depends not only on the material if an item is really environmentally friendly.

Developing ecological awareness means thinking holistically. Which raw material is the item made of? How much electricity is needed for the production? Is a space saving and ecologically friendly transport possible? How can it be recycled? We are therefore checking our products from A-Z, from the raw material up to the ecological recycling.
As there are still no general regulations concerning the testing of items, Barthelmess took the initiative and has been working out a substantial test for 3 years. We became very acquainted with this theme to provide you with a reliable orientation. In our decorado webshop, you can find products on which you can rely on to be sustainable. To make it easier for you to find products which fulfil the required minimum criteria, we marked them with this ECO LINE symbol

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